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What are Cookies?
Cookies are packets of data sent by an internet server (such as a website) to a user's internet browser, which are automatically memorised on the PC and sent back to the server each time it subsequently accesses the same website. Most web browsers are set to accept cookies automatically by default. Cookies are usually installed: 
· Directly by the website owner and/or administrator (s.c. first-party cookies);
· By individuals external to the website visited by the user (s.c. third-party cookies). Unless otherwise indicated, we remind you that cookies are under the direct and sole responsibility of the webmaster. Further information about privacy and the use of cookies is available directly on the sites of the relevant webmasters.

This website may use the following cookies, also in combination, classified on the basis of the instructions given by the Privacy Guarantor and of the Decisions communicated by the European Working Group pursuant to Article 29 of the GDPR:

Sessions cookies: these cookies are not permanently stored on the user's computer and are deleted upon closing the browser. Their use is strictly limited to sending the session identifiers needed for secure and efficient Website browsing without having to resort to other IT procedures which may compromise the privacy of the users while they are browsing.
Persistent cookies: these cookies are permanently stored on the computer's hard disk until their expiration or cancellation by users/visitors. By using persistent cookies visitors who access the website (or any other persons using the same computer) are automatically recognised each time they visit. Visitors may change their browser settings to accept/block all cookies or to view a notice each time a cookie is used and to choose whether to accept it or not. Users may change the predefined configuration and disable cookies (block them permanently), by setting the highest level of protection.
Technical cookies: these cookies are used to enable the user to be identified, to use multi-media content such as flash player or to enable him/her to select the navigation language. Therefore, it is not normally necessary to obtain the prior and informed consent of the user. Cookies used to statistically analyse the number of visits to the website also fall into this category only if they are exclusively used for statistical purposes and by obtaining the data in aggregate form.
Non-technical cookies: these cookies are used for profiling and marketing purposes. Their use on users' terminals is forbidden if they have not previously been adequately informed and have not given their valid consent according to the opt-in technique.
Analytics: these cookies are used to collect and analyse statistical information about access/visits to the website. In some cases, along with other data such as login credentials to access secure areas (email address and password), they may be used to create a user profile (personal habits, websites visited, downloads, types of interactions, etc.).

Cookies on Freefield's website
Technical CookiesWe use session cookies (non persistent) that are strictly necessary for secure and efficient web browsing. Storing session cookies on computers or browsers is controlled by the user, when on the servers, at the end of the browsing session, the information relating to cookies is kept in the service logs for a period of time which does not exceed seven days compared to other browsing data.

Third-party cookies
When you visit a website you may receive cookies both from the website you visited ("owners") and from websites managed by other organisations ("third parties"):

Google Analytics. These cookies are collected and managed anonymously by third parties to monitor and improve the performance of the host website (performance cookies). For further information, please follow the link below: 

Users may disable Google Analytics by installing the opt-out add-on provided by Google on their browser. To disable Google Analytics, please follow the link below: 

We DO NOT use profiling cookies: these cookies are used to create profiles related to the user in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences identified from the use of the website. 

You do not need to enable cookies to browse the website but if you do, this will improve your browsing experience. You may erase or block cookies, in which case some website features may not work correctly. 

How do you control cookies? 

You may control and/or monitor them as you like – to find out more please visit: You may erase cookies already present on your computer and on nearly all browsers you can change the settings in order to block them. If you choose this option, some of the services or specific functions may no longer be available. 

Information on the main browsers and how to disable cookies: 
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